SiminBooks Company Profile


Remember your childhood, When you want to learn your motherhood language, you tried so many times. You listen ad far yon can to better saying. For better learning, you need more listening that’s why we just started a new approach to listen better than before.

From today until the future, we will support any kind of activity to learn something new. We are shaping a new realm of the future that there are not any human whos does not have an opportunity to achieve something to know.


Siminbooks is a kind of friend, who she tells so many tales and tips for better living. You will find many sounds from a huge variety of contents. From teaching English to Syfy stories podcasts in many languages. This platform built for any junior or senior podcaster or any storyteller to create a new channel to reach out to Persian listeners. You can create your account and upload your artworks and start to earn cash flow from your followers or listener.


We believe in justice for any kind of it. We need more democracy in access to better content. That’s why we will spend more than 30 percent of any transactions of our platform to the investment of charities that they have activities in education improvements at all around the world especially in middle east countries.

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